​​Teaching little minds for 23 years!


4600 Fritchey Street
Harrisburg, PA 17109 (717)541-KIDS
Robin Spicher, Director
Kathy Kay, Owner

Mission Statement
Philosphy and Vision


We are happy to have your child join our family at Kids Academy Early Learning Center. At Kids Academy, we understand that each child has a unique personality, and our exceptional staff will make sure that your child gets the personal attention he or she deserves. Kids Academy provides high quality childcare through a balanced program of motor coordination, music and movement, arts and crafts, and the development of cognitive skills. We provide a well-planned learning environment with loving, dedicated, and qualified teachers. Each classroom is evaluated and equipped with age-appropriate learning materials and equipment for intellectual stimulation, diverse cultures, and social/emotional development of your child. Our program will enrich your child’s life and self esteem.
At Kids Academy, we believe it is the teacher’s role to guide and support the child as he or she engages in experiences, which are appropriate for their level of development. We will assist children with social interaction by providing opportunities for sharing, caring, and helping. We will provide materials, images, and experiences that reflect diverse cultures. Emphasis is placed on the use of creative expression through art, music, movement, computers, and dramatics. Kids Academy will provide a safe and happy environment where children can learn and grow with many positive, hands-on experiences. We seek to provide children with a secure and emotional base through lots of loving, individual attention and familiar routines from which they can learn to respect themselves and others. At Kids Academy we will help your child reach his or her full potential in cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. We will also build upon the character, creativity, and uniqueness that is already in your child. At Kids Academy our goal is to help your child blossom while in a comfortable and happy environment that feels like home.

​​At Kids Academy your child will be LOVED.
At Kids Academy your child will LEARN.
At Kids Academy your child is FAMILY.